Sortie de Unity Iphone 1.6

La dernière mise à jour de Unity Iphone est sortie avec son lot d’améliorations dont un gain de 25% de la taille des appli générées, la réduction des temps de chargement et une optimisation de la mémoire. De plus, la compatibilité est améliorée entre cette version et les projets d’Unity 2.6.

Le reste des features en anglais :

New Features and Improvements

  • Reduced iPhone player build size.
  • Added Networking support.
  • Added .NET 2.1 support via the Mono 2.6 runtime.
  • Added HTTPS support for the WWW class.
  • WWW class reimplemented using NSURLConnection API.
  • Dramatically improved prefab handling.
  • Slightly improved startup times of applications.
  • Editor stability improved. Null references in Mono code are now handled better.
  • Added support for native->managed SendMessage. Your plugins can « talk » to Unity now.
  • Improved linker compatibility for iPhone OS 3.1 and 3.1.2 targets. No more annoying error messages in Xcode.
  • System and System.Xml can now be used without stripping. Useful for Basic license owners.
  • Implemented network stripping so you can reduce your app size if you don’t use Networking.
  • Improved compatibility with Xcode GDB debugger/instruments. Xcode profiler is supported now.
  • Added labels for OS 3.1.3 and OS 3.2 in Player Settings. Deploy to the latest iPhone OS with Unity iPhone 1.6.
  • Minor changes to the Player Settings interface.
  • Updated documentation. Networking guides, .NET tips and much more have been added to the docs.

Bug Fixes

  • Numerous documentation fixes and additions.
  • Resolved prefab-related crashes and bugs. Overall stability and workflow experience is much better now.
  • Re-parented prefabs with broken connections do not produce any error messages.
  • Bulk prefab duplicating does not break any connections.
  • Fixed tridimensional arrays crash.
  • Application.dataPath to now include the application name.
  • Fixed « Transform child has another father » issue.
  • Fixed Xcode problem when customizing the build directory.
  • About screen no longer shows « Educational license » for Unity iPhone Basic license owners.

Known Issues

  • Unity iPhone Remote may still be unstable on Snow Leopard.
  • GUI Layout may not work on iPhone.
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