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Pour les amateurs de musique, JukeboxPro est un plug permettant de gérer des playlists de musique avec toutes les fonctions classqiues de lecture, pause, chanson précédente, suivante etc.Tout cela pour 5$.

The Dinky Dungeon Tileset (50$) est un pack contenant tous les éléments nécessaires pour monter son donjon. C’est un peu l’Ikea du RPG, et il suffit de placer vos éléments aux bons endroits pour obtenir quelque chose de sympa.

T4M Black Edition (50$ )est une alternative à l’outil de terrain d’Unity et se va,te d’être universel au niveau des exports et dont voici la liste des features :

– Shader Model 1, 2 and 3 Devices (iPhone, iPad, Android and also Web, PC, MAC,Flash, NaCi)
– Convert Unity Terrain to T4M and keep your textures and blend texture (it work with 4 splat textures)
– Convert your own Imported Mesh (you are free to make a Terrain with all 3D softwares)
– Planting/Placing any object you want with the new Planting System
– Integrated a LOD System
– Integrated also a Billboard System
– Paint directly with Substance Material
– Best Brush Preview
– 1 Shaders Model 1.1 to Mix 2 Textures
– 24 Shaders Model 2 : Bumped, Bumped Specular, Specular, Diffuse, Unlit, Toon and Paint up to 6 textures (Desktop, Web) always in 1 DrawCall
– 14 Shader Model 3 : Bumped, Bumped Specular, Specular, Diffuse and Paint up to 6 textures (Desktop, Web) always in 1 DrawCall
– Compatible with Unity Terrain Shaders, you can use your own Shader.
– Undo/Redo implementation for painting.
– Multiple T4M on the scene
– Add your own Brushes (64×64)
– Compatible with Real Time Shadow, Lightmap and Directional LightMap

Télécharger la démo.

La documentation

Le post du forum


Tidy Tile Mapper (65$) est plug pour l’éditeur d’Unity permettant de construire de manière intuitive des jeux 2D à partir de blocks.

Le site


Unistorm (60$) est un plug permettant d’intégrer des effets météo dans vos jeux que ce soit de la pluie, du brouillard etc avec une qualité digne d’un jeu AAA (dixit l’auteur).
Les features :

• UniStorm 1.4 works great with both 3.4 (and older) and 3.5 versions of Unity, including the Web Player and Standalone builds, Flash isn’t yet supported.

• 1.4v now has full dynamic weather and storms, powered by UniStorm v1.4 lightning and thunder system making you feel each storm.(New)

• Major system improvements, UniStorm 1.4 runs at a blazing 100+ fps! Which should be very promising for mobile users.

• There are now lightning bolts that strike when there is lightning. These effects are also randomized giving a different strike every time. They also use little draw calls so they do not affect performance.

• Weather forecasts include: lightly cloudy, partly cloud, mostly cloudy, foggy, rain, and lighting and thunder storms, all randomly generated.(New)

• Rain (and other effects), clouds, and sound all fade in as the storm approaches and fade out as the storm ends.(New)

• Rain with collision detection, meaning the rain will not go through roofs or other game objects.

• We’ve added a star system that fades in at night and fades out in the morning; sun and moon systems are being worked on.(New)

• Background color changes based on the time of day, this is adjustable based on the user’s color choices.(New)

• A full 24 hour day and night system.(New)

• 24 hour system features dawn, day, dusk, and night all with adaptable colors that change to each time of day. The user can change the colors of each if desired.(New)

• The way UniStorm is built, you should be able to use any custom assets particle system you want for the weather system, simply change the particle or material if required and you’re done. This means you can use your own particle systems, materials, or effects from another effects packs you may have bought from the Asset Store if desired.

• A moon phase system that is updated every « day » (not in sight), changing just like a real moon with 9 phases, going from crescent, to half, to full phases then back slightly each phase.

• A randomized rain particle system that act like fronts raining randomly across your input of the terrain size only turning on when it’s a rainy or storm day. (Perfect for mmo’s or multiplier online games)

• Moon now has light scattering at night.

• The new sunsets now change color at morning and evening, glaring over the horizon.

• Wind now fades in and gets stronger as storms approach, then lessen as they leave.
• Added a sun (includes sunsets) and moon system.

• Sun shines behind clouds making them brighter, but fades away if it’s cloudy or rainy, similar to Skyrim’s (pro only) (New)

• Weather forecaster allows you to pick your own weather system if desired, this will still be randomly generated after you make you choice.(New)

• Starting hour option to choose you starting hour.(New)

• Stars system has been enhanced, stars now « twinkle » at night (Similar to Skyrim’s)(New)

• Cloud textures have been improved.(New)

• Day length is based off user’s input.(New)

• Day length is calculated in seconds for easy calculating, example: if you set the day length to 60 it will take 1 minute for each day or if you set the day length to 1440 it would be a 24 minute day similar to Skyrim.(New)

• The game world is all in sync with the day length, like cloud speed, minutes, hours, days, and months.(New)

• Minute, hour, day, and month tracker in editor.(New)

• Cloud system scrolls equivalent to the day speed, but is kept at a realistic speed when the day length controller is at a certain height.(New)

• Rain now slants with the wind, similar to how Skyrim does their rain.

• Added a prefabed wind zone that behaves very realistic as if vegetation were in a storm. Trees and bushes now sway and wave in the wind.

• Wind Zone prefab is stored in the UniStorm editor so all you have to do is drop the UniStorm v1.4 system into your scene and all vegetation will behave as if it’s in a storm.

• New demo scene which will be included to show you the possibilities and power of UniStorm v1.4.

• Added fog to the storm to give more realism and believability. So far this feature is pro only but we’re working on making a fog effect that will work for indie.

• Improved rain particles, rain particles look much fuller, thicker, and realistic. You get the fullness of using cylindrical layers without the cost of loosing the ability to have the rain collied with objects.

• We’ve added all sorts of lightning bolts including ones that are uv animated. You can easily control the life an intensity of the lighting bolts.

• We’ve added a global fog technique that gives much more depth to the storm. Clouds seem to fade into the horizon. You can control the height, distance, and color of the horizon. Lightning doesn’t affect distant clouds anymore so the storm looks much more believable and best of all it works with the free version of Unity 3d!

• We’ve added more particle systems to increase the realism and believability: A windy leaves particle system (for forests, parks, open wilderness, ect) that has blowing and swirling leaves that behave as they would in a storm as well as a windy paper particle system for (cities, shipping yards, battlefields, ruins, ect) which should both be useful to most games.

• Both particle debris systems have colliders so the particles bounce and roll off the ground for a few seconds before dissipating.

• We’ve added more to the editor, there are now slots to add aditional lightning bolts to if you want to change or add them.

• Improved cloud system.

• Improved performance with the rain particles.

• Much improved sound effects




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