Sortie de Unity 2.6.1

Mise à jour pour Unity qui passe en version 2.6.1.

La liste des nouvelles features ici :

Unity 2.6.1
Unity 2.6.1 contains a new webplayer plugin that is compatible with Mac OSX 10.6 Safari when running in 64-bit mode. Additionally a number of improvements and bug fixes were implemented to smooth out some of the issues experienced by Unity (free) license holders. Additionally, Unity 2.6.1 projects are now compatible with Unity iPhone 1.5.1 projects.

* The Mac webplayer has been rewritten to be compatible with 64-bit Safari on Mac OS X 10.6.
* Reduced time spent connecting to large Asset Server projects.

Editor Fixes:

* Fixed an editor crash when painting trees in the free version of Unity.
* Fixed an FBX import crash bug which could happen with some assets.
* Fixed rendering of terrain details in the editor after a player has been built.
* The Draw checkbox for trees and details in the terrain inspector now remembers it’s setting.
* Fixed ImportAssetOptions.ImportRecursive (it didn’t do anything before).
* Fixed a bug where the terrain lightmapper would render shadows incorrectly.
* Fixed an error message about asset timestamp counts that sometimes showed up after saving the project.
* Fixed warning when deleting a TerrainData asset which is used in the scene.
* Fixed a bug in which Input.GetMouseButton() would fail in the Editor on Windows, when the game view is detached from the main window.
* Fixed a bug where selecting text with the mouse would deselect the asset when renaming assets in the Project View.
* Fixed an Editor crash when pressing the gear menu on the default references of a script on Windows.
* Editor Search string now resets when objects not matching the search filter are selected.
* Unity will now highlight prefabs in Project view when selecting the prefab from the GameObject Inspector.
* Fixed an editor crash when trying to compare against a non existent asset in the Asset Server history view.
* Fixed an editor crash when passing an invalid prefab reference to EditorUtility.ReplacePrefab().

Runtime Fixes:

* Fixed a runtime crash when changing screen size or FSAA settings when RenderTexture assets are used.
* Fixed more than 2 Image Filters being upside down on Windows when Anti-Aliasing was used.
* Fix GUI toggles drawing with the wrong state when on.
* Fixed a regression which broke http://WWW.LoadImageIntoTexture() in some cases.
* Fixed AudioSoruce.ignoreListenerVolume to work again.
* Fixed a bug which could cause gamepad input to get lost on Windows when multiple gamepads are connected.

Upgrade Guide

Projects opened or created with Unity 2.6 are not backwards compatible with earlier Unity versions. Back up your project folders before opening them with 2.6 just in case.

When opening an existing project, Unity 2.6 will reimport all assets. This can take a long time for large projects.

* Texture assets need to be explicitly marked as « Readable » in order for GetPixel, SetPixel and other pixel manipulation functions to work. By default this flag is off, which saves a lot of memory at runtime. Set this flag on texture assets that need it. Textures created from scripts at runtime do not need this flag, they are readable automatically.
* Image Effects now work with Anti-Aliasing. In order for all of them to work however, you have to upgrade Pro Standard Assets package. If you’re using custom image effects, it’s advisable to use Graphics.Blit instead of drawing a fullscreen quad manually.
* Mouse move (EventType.MouseMove) UnityGUI events are not sent in the game anymore. You can get the same information using mouse delta in Repaint events.
* In previous versions of Unity, automatic texture format sometimes defaulted to DXT1 even if « Build Alpha from Grayscale » option was set. Now when that option is set, automatic compressed texture format is always DXT5. So some of your textures might get a real alpha channel now; if you don’t want that then uncheck the option or explicitly set format to DXT1.
* Image Effects behaviour with multiple layered cameras has changed. Now when there are multiple cameras (some of which do not clear the screen), Image Effects will be composited as logically expected. If you were relying on undefined or accidental behaviour in previous Unity version, you might have to change your camera and/or Image Effect setup.
* Building a Windows player using Editor APIs now takes path to the .exe file, not the enclosing folder. Your BuildPipeline or player post-processing scripts need to account for this.
* Some Editor API functions were changed or removed. Your Editor customization scripts might need update, especially if you were using undocumented APIs.

Merci à Steph3D pour l’info 😉



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