Shader de rayons (Unity Pro)

Trouvé sur le forum officiel, voici une excellente source qui vous reproduit des rayons lumineux que l’on nomme Godrays en anglais.

L’effet est vriment très bien rendu mais il vous faudra Unity pro pour l’implémenter.

Les features officielles :

The Controls for the effect are:
Density: Proximity of samples taken, higher makes the effect more spread out but may cause fragmenting
Weight: Brightness of the effect, lower makes it less visible, higher may overexpose
Decay: Falloff for the effect, lower makes it fade more rapidly
Exposure: Brightness of the scene relative to rays

It should run successfully on any DX9.0 level card, but requires Shadermodel 3.0 to efficiently take a good number of samples.

System requirements should be minimum Geforce FX 5200/Radeon 9500 to display anything at all, Geforce 6100/ATI x1300 or HD Series in order to display it in full Pixelshader 3.0 goodness.

The shader has three levels of detail, aswell as a Pixelshader 2.0 fallback, the main difference between them being the number of samples per pass, and the number of passes run- performance wise, it’s really just fillrate.

-Voir l’exemple

-Télécharger la source



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